Ancient wisdom for Modern Health

Living in the organic food hub of Colorado and a hot spot for herbal medicine makers, I had the inspiration to connect these two values of mine in support of a more quality, ethical, transparent, and localized supply chain for Chinese Medicinal Herbs as well as drawing on the herbal history that is already rooted in the valley and providing western herbalists with quality herbs and products. We are dedicated to bringing herbal worlds together to increase effectiveness and build sustainability for all.

With a focus on sustainably sourced and regeneratively grown products, the Apothecary stocks an array of herbal wellness products from tinctures, salves, teas, bulk herbs, and more. Located in the Kennedy building in downtown Paonia, where our long-time Hay’s Pharmacy operated, we are so excited to carry on the tradition of wellness in the space and help fill the gap in rural healthcare.

We carefully curate our farmers and medicine makers to ensure the highest quality of products in our apothecary. We prioritize producers that are focused on regenerating the land and their community. Our products stand out because of the care, ethics, and knowledge that go into creating them. You can be assured that every product from Paonia Apothecary is crafted in a way that is restorative to all.

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